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Seminary Website Reboot!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Get it Launched-NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminar's new website is active and engaging.

It has been long over due, but to much avail, NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary has launched its new website. We had started the process well over a year ago, however with many other pressing projects, and my full-time job, the website took a back seat.  It wasn’t until last moth that we decided to get the reboot off the ground. Just in time to launch new Bible seminary courses and theology degrees.

This has not been an easy undertaking, but a good learning experience.

Up until now we have had our website hosted through GoDaddy, using one of their website theme options. We were looking to add some additional features not provided through Go Daddy's platform, and so I decided to make the plunge into something new. This has not been an easy undertaking, but a good learning experience. Some of the new capabilities will include:

  • A member  Login area-This will allow us to create greater membership connections and provide information to members.

  • A Fully Functioning Learning Management System-We will now be able to provide on line learning, grade reporting, and all the tools needed for distant education.

  • To privately host video conferencing to members who register.

And the list of features continues on. The new website has had a “soft launch” getting it out there at its basic level. We desire to continue to expand the features and design till it reaches its maximum potential. Our goal is to take our distant education to the level of a fully online Bible college, and we need a website that can handle these challenges.

A good website will be a platform to allow us to reach this goal by offering more training and seminary bachelors degree, seminary masters degree, and seminary doctorate degrees to students internationally. With a website that has clear content, is stunningly designed, and responsive to users; we can draw more individuals seeking seminary education and looking to become a licencee minister or ordained minister. This new website will further the Mission of NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminar -equipping men and women for ministry!

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