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Licensing & Ordination

Credentialing Through NYC Full Gospel

NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary takes Bible college to a whole new level!  Weather you are a student with us, or laity looking to become a licensed minister or become an ordained minister online-look no further! Here we license and ordain men and women for ministry purposes. 


In doing so, we have established The National Association of Christian Counselors, Ministers , & Churches (NACMC) for that purpose. The National Association also provides a place for counselors, ministers, and churches to network and have accountability and credibility. If your ministry is seeking to be under an Christian organization umbrella, you can join our Church Chartership groups.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Years in ministry


Get licensed and ordained-Become a member-Join a charter
How NACMC Can Benefit You

Become A Minister

If you are studying with NYCFGTS or looking for christian credentialing, we offer three forms of licensing toward becoming a minister.   




Church chartership allows your church or ministry to have a covering. You partner with NACMC 's family members, yet maintain complete control of the affairs of your church/ministry. 


Fellowship Membership

Fellowship membership is for Individuates who desire community and networking with other Christians in ministry.

 Stay connected, get support, and have some fellowship!

Become a minister today



There are 4 forms of credentials we offer


Stay current with credentials & membership

Weather you become a licensed minister or become an ordained minister, a fellowship or charter member with NACMC, we require annual dues to maintain license and membership.    

Admission Requirements

Seminary is an investment with heavenly rewards....

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