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Who We Are

At NYC Full Gospel 

Steeped in the Full Gospel tradition, NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary (NYCFGTS) is a diverse global community where students form a theological perspective based on the fullness of the gospel. NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary is an international private Christian seminary of higher learning for religious purposes. We are people helping people! A place where students of all ages can fulfill their calling, and be fully equipped and sent out into the ministry.


The seminary in Naples Florida is where we currently reside, however we offer faith-based degree programs globally through our distant education. If you want to know how to become a minister, we provide licensing and ordination through our membership: The National Association for Christian Counselors, Ministers, and Churches (TNACMC). 

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reasons to consider us


Biblical Teaching

NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary is a place where you form a theological perspective based on the fullness of The Bible. We don’t adjust the gospel to fit a postmodern church, rather we teach the word of God in its fullness with an orthodox Christian world view.


Don't Break The Bank

Finally a seminary that's refreshingly affordable. We realize most seminary students have full time jobs, families and are in ministries.  Students want education that’s able to fit in with their lifestyles. With low-cost seminary prices, we make studying possible for everyone.


Anywhere, Anytime,      At Your Own Pace

Weather your new to seminary education or a seasoned student, our seminary courses are in a format suitable for all learners. Our distant education can be studied anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.  Just grab a cup of coffee and study the Bible at your convenience. 


To Support You

You are not alone, NYCFGTS is here to assist! Forge relationships with ours staff, faculty and reach out to our president at any time. Connect on the prayer line with others who will support and hold you accountable.  The connections built here are lifetime bonds-we truly are a family.


In Our Convictions

In a world of absolute relativity and a church aligned with such positions, NYC Full Gospel seminary is bold in our beliefs. We stand firm on the absolute truths found in the Bible, and we are not ashamed to stand by what we believe  to be true.



Become A Licensed Minister

Here we are not only a bible college issuing degrees, but we offer licensing and ordination for both  graduates and non-graduates for ministry purposes. The process takes place through NYC Full Gospel’s National Association of Christian Counselors, Ministers, and Churches.


Filled Believers

The Holy spirit plays a key role in living a victorious Christian life. We believe in the gifts of the holy spirit  for victorious living, guidance, and healing in the life of believers. We welcome those gifts here at the theological seminary in order to encourage the body of Christ. 


As an international seminary, more than 90% of students come from diverse backgrounds. Many of our graduates have ministries all over the world. Our distant learning courses will reach students on a global network.

Diverse Seminary Community


For Jesus Christ

That’s right! We’re not shy in sharing our love for the Savior  Jesus Christ and all He is, does, and has done for us. He is the center  of this ministry and is always he focus in what we do. Yes, we love talking about Jesus! 

Why Choose Us
What we set out to do matters


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The Mission of NCY Full Gospel Theological Seminary is Equipping Men And Women for the Ministry. That is to teach, train, and send workers into the harvest field (Luke 10:2-3). Working along side the local churches, we assist to equip believers of various cultures and languages in order to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The theological seminary accomplishes this mission by providing personalized care and uncompromising and sound teaching based on the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Our focus at NYC Full Gospel is to make sure every student is fully equipped to fulfill his/her calling effectively-all at modest tuition.


Theology is the backbone of a seminary
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NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary is a non-denominational seminary. We are not apart of the Full Gospel denomination per-say.  We are  Full Gospel in nature as a spirit filled evangelical group, which believes that the New Testament gospels and the Old Testament scriptures compromise the full gospel. This full gospel is relevant to all matters of faith in the believers live today. 

How the theological seminary began


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Founded in 1984 by Dr. Frank A. Garofalo Sr., NCY Full Gospel Theological Seminary began as a bible college (NYC Full Gospel Bible Institute) through Love In Christ Church. It began under the Full Gospel Assemblies International in Brooklyn New York. As a pioneer in a time where seminaries were few and far between, Dr. Garofalo had a vision to prepare others in the New York tri-state area for the work of the ministry. 

As time progressed, Dr. Garofalo transformed the bible college into a theological seminary offering christian bachelors degrees, masters degrees, and doctoral degrees in theology, degrees in pastoral ministry and  degrees in christian counseling.


In 1997 we relocated to Naples Florida launching our distant education courses. We are not just any Bible seminary giving degrees in ministry and theology, but we have grown to licensing and ordaining numerous graduate students globally-many of whom are in wonderful ministries today. These bright, ambitious, successful students have passed through our doors answering God’s call, and leaving a bit of themselves behind.

~Historic Timeline~


Who the Bible college is accountable to
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Most students who desire Bible seminary education are concerned with accreditation-if their diploma or degree would be accepted nationally. The concern is a valid one. Accreditation is a way the student knows that a school's program of studies has been recognized by an association of higher standards than themselves. It is a process of validation in which colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning are evaluated. The standards for accreditation are set by a peer review board. Accreditation has always been the work of non-governmental accrediting agencies.

Seminary is an investment with heavenly rewards....

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