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Join NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary

Thank you for considering us. We recognize the difficulty of finding a seminary which meets your needs and helps you best be equipped to follow God's call for your life. If your looking for a seminary bachelors degree, seminary masters degree, seminary doctoral degree, or looking for in depth Bible study courses, look  no further.


Here you'll learn from supportive faculty, gain real-world experience through hands-on internships, and get involved in our welcoming community. NYCFGTS is the perfect place to fulfill your calling-all at a low-cost-affordable tuition rate.


Before you can begin studying here, you must first be admitted into the college. The office of admissions is here to help guide you in our admissions process.

Your Potential is in the sum of all the possibilities GOD has for your life.

Charles F. Stanley


Joining the Bible seminary is easy

Fill Out

Your official admissions application online or mail in the PDF form, and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee. If the fee is not paid, your application will not be considered. 



All admissions requirements and submit necessary letters and documentations to the admissions office. 



An official transcript from your high school, GED program and post-secondary schools you've  attended. Transcripts are official only when mailed directly to NYCFGTS.  



Back with us pertaining to your enrollment status. Find out if all you financial requirements are completed and any aid you may be receiving is finalized. 



For  classes and purchase any textbooks you will need to begin your seminary courses. 

Online Application
Become a seminary student with us



NYCFGTS welcomes applicants who are committed to personal, intellectual, academic and spiritual growth into the seminary. Applicants must also be committed to the vision and purpose of NYC Full Gospel Theological Seminary.


We strive for individuals who will contribute to the NYCFGTS experience and be faithful to the seminary institute while enrolled here. Applicants can apply at any time.  Once all admissions and financial requirements are met, you will be notified and given all appropriate information needed in order to register for classes. 

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What's needed for enrolment in our seminary
Applicants Can Be Admitted As Follows
Admission Requirements
Make the right move to a seminary near me or far away


Because most work is corespondent, it doesn't matter your geographical location to enroll with the Bible college.  It is required to transfer in your High school or GED records along with any  post-secondary or other-level institution. The seminary will accept credits earned with these schools providing an official transcript is received by mail from that institution. The subject material must be similar to that of the our seminary course work. Courses which are not similar may be considered for transfer if they are beneficial to the students chosen major.  Transferable credit must be in accordance to a passing grade of "D" in a subject, or an average of 70% per subject completed. 

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Tuition & Fees

Seminary that's affordable 

Most students who desire Bible seminary education are concerned with accreditation-if their diploma or degree would be accepted nationally. The concern is a valid one. Accreditation is a way the student knows that a school's program of studies has been recognized by an association of higher standards than themselves. It is a process of validation in which colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning are evaluated. The standards for accreditation are set by a peer review board. Accreditation has always been the work of non-governmental accrediting agencies.

Tuition at a refreshingly affordable rate!

Fees Anchor

Seminary is an investment with heavenly rewards....

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